5 Common SEO Mistakes That Hurt Your Website’s Ranking

SEO generates great results for any business if it performed in right ways and with right approaches. I have been working on several projects and understood that few basic mistakes should be avoided by every SEO professional to get more benefits from SEO Solution, these few mistakes can hurt your website ranking.

Let’s avoid these mistakes

1.    Generation of too many Back Links in short Duration
Most Clients want results in overnight, to satisfy client many SEO Providers & Freelancers are offering link building strategy that generate more links in short period. Ideally, good results come over time by gradually generating links.

Every SEO provider should avoid quick generation of lots links because search engine can penalize your website and consider it that your website is over optimized. 

2.   Build Only Do Follow Back Links
Do follow back links are considering very important for every website and it’s helps search engines to rank your website. Search Engines are checking the do follow and no follow links and some popular websites offer no-follow link. It’s important to manage ratio of no-follow and & do-follow links.

You should avoid only do-follow link generation campaign.

3.   Not Considering Social Media
Now days, due to heavy SEO activities and according latest search engines algorithm changes, SEO consultants are considering social media presence and optimized it to get good rank for website. It also drives traffics, engage your potential customers and increase brand awareness.

Your should include Social Media Campaign in SEO

4.   Only Use of Targeted Keyword In Anchor Tags
Only use targeted keywords in link building strategy which can penalize your website, you should mix keywords with its synonyms and related keyword phrase.

5.   Build Back Links Only For Home Page
Most of links are for only home page, which increase ranking your home pages for specific keywords, you should target the keywords of sub pages of your website and redirect your potential client to those targeted pages for better conversion.