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How to upgrade to Microsoft Window 10

As Microsoft releases latest version of OS window 10, and it’s very easy to upgrade of your PC with latest Microsoft, you just need to reserve the space for upgrading.

Make sure that your PC has minimum configuration as following

1 GHz Processor
1 GB of RAM
20 GB of Free Disk Space

Let’s with each step

1. Icons will appear at right-end bottom of taskbar to reserve and the space.  

2. Then window will popup, where users need to enter email address to confirm the reservation.

3. Microsoft will send notification when upgrade is ready for your system easily.

Get more information about features of OS at window 10.

Enjoy!!! :)

Capture snaps from your favorite video with android app : Video to image converter

Mobility becomes prime aspect for users and they love to access 24x7 from anywhere. Android & iOS most used operating system that runs on most Smartphone and tablets. And, there are millions of application which helps user to manage their daily activities as both personal & business.

At Kensvalley Technologies, our mobile app developers comes with an idea to make application called Video to Image Converter for Indian Users, which allow them to take snaps from their favorite videos, and make those images memorable.

Video to Image converter is android based application which help you to capture desired snaps from videos and which provide same resolution as video has. 

Problem occurs while developing application

The main issue arise when taking images from big videos, where it takes snap of starting screen and that are due to time frame issues that application not able to accurate images.
Our team have reviewed and analyzed various materials to resolve this and then fixed the issues in our latest version of Video to Image Converter Android app

Main features of application

  • Take snap with one-click
  • Display multiple snaps on single screen
  • Easy to share multiple image to friend and family

Download Video to Image converter Android App from google play store.

How to get more exposure for your Android App

As app is developed with great efforts of you and your teams, your app having great features and great functionality with easy User Interface and user loves to install your application.

But, what if your application does not rank well in Google play store search result pages, and then your application don’t get enough exposure and your idea will remain dormant. Now, it’s important to get rank on Google play store result pages to get more exposure and more application installation, which help you to monetize your application.

Main Mechanisms
  • Keywords
  • Blog for your app
  • Encourage your users to provide reviews, rating and recommendation
  • Updates apps for latest OS 

We conclude that better approa
ch of app optimization will get great exposure for your application